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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we are following breaking news in the health care reform fought. >> we will tell what you happened early this morning in the senate that will force the debate back to the house. >>ments a battle that shows no signs of slowing and now it is turning dangerous. >> congressman stupak, you are one big piece of human [bleep] and think about this. there are millions of people across the country who wish you ill. >> security for members of
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congress is being stepped up as threats of violence increase. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm he tony perkins in for steve chenevey and tucker barnes has come in for me. >> i don't have many talents. i can only only do the weather. >> that is not true. >> well, pretty much. >> a little bit windy yesterday. it made temperatures a little bit cooler. >> you are absolutely right. it will be breezy today as well but the wind will be t of the south. at least temperature-wise, we'll be working in the right direction. 44 for new fredericksburg. so shen city if you are waking up down at the shore, 44 for you. cool temperatures. need a jacket here the next hour or two and then once that sunshine gets up, our
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atmosphere should warm up pretty quickly and we'll be talking abo temperatures near 70 later this afternoon. clouds are starting to move in. that will be the theme around here. i think there will be some periods, some peeks of sunshine during the first part of the day but the clouds will win out. eventually the rain showers will move in. most of te rain should hold off until nighttime hours after this evenings rush hour. we'll be talking about some rain for the start of our friday and much cooler air moving in as well. more detail on that. enjoy the warm temperature today. clouds increasing. high temperature in the upper 60s to about 07 and again the rain holds off until this evening. i'll have i further look at the forecast including the weekend in just minutes. >> thank you. let's get to julie wright and she has the latest on this morning's rush hour traffic. >> so far, so good with no accidents to report. it is still an easy commute in each direction down south at the wilson bridge. you are also going to find northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway a little fender bender at 450. that disintd activity has been
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cleared. traveling southbound # 70 out hyattstown, no incidents -- traveling southbound 270 out of hyattstown, no incidents to r northbound i-95, increasing volume now out of newington as you travel north of 7100. out on 66, we do have volume delays asou travel eastbound between the two 234 interchanges. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. there has been breaking news overnight concerning health care reform. a small but symbolic hitch in the senate will force the house to vote again. >> the senate was working well past midnight. that is when we learned republicans have found two minor provisions in the reform reconciliation bill that violate budget rules. now, that has been verified by the senate parliamentarian. the provisions deal with pell grants for low income college students. they will have to be removed from the bill. once that is done and the
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senate passes it, the legislation must go back to the house for approval before it can go to the president. president obama is move ago head to sell the new health reform to the american people. today, the president speaks to a crowd in iowa. it was there back in 2007 that then candidate obama laid out his vision of health care for all. the other big story we're following this morning is anger over health care reform that has he is lated to violence against members of congress. >> there have been specific threats and beyond that i won't go into specific things we do. what i can say is we're well prepared to defend our members. >> and now self democrats have stepped up security as they head to work today. >> democrats are calling on republicans to denounce these attacks. more than 10 lawmakers received threats. congressional offices have been vandalized, some windows shattered by bricks. others have received threatening voice mails and e-
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mails. democrats say they're afraid for the safety of their families. >> when people start talking in the rhetoric of putting people on firing lines, that if they don't do something, they will have physical harm done to them, that other rhetoric of that type or they put a target on their faces with cross hairs, that activity ought to be unacceptable in our democracy. >> there are a lot of angry americans an they are angry over this health care bill. they're angry about the fact that the democrats here in washington aren't listening to them. but i've got to tell you that violence and threats are unacceptable. it is not the american way. >> some republicans are telling protesters to channel their anger into positive change by registering voters or working on a campaign. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell has set the stage if
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a legal showdown over health care reform. yesterday, he sign the virginia health care freedom act. it says virginians are not required to buy health insurance. governor mcdonnell says the requirement is unconstitutional. democrats say the battle is a waste of time and money. >> we don't believe either constitutionally or as a matter of policy that the united states congress should mandate the purchase of a service on the citizens of virginia that has never been done before. >> virginians work hard every day. they pay their taxes and he is using that money to undermine their ability to benefit from this landmark legislation. >> also on tuesday, virginia's attorney general attorney general ken cuccinelli filed a lawsuit against the federal government over the health insurance requirement. virginia is one of 14 states fighting that measure. a look now at the morning's other top stories. another railroad in a violent case of road rage in virginia. tuesday arks man fired shots at a dump truck on i-59 after the
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dump truck bumped him twice. this happened during the evening ruer hour on 95 south near route 13. the man's two-year-old daughter was in the car at the time. gabriel poventud is charged with with attempted murder and child endangerment. driver of the dump truck is now also charged with attempted murder. investigator says they may never know why somebody shot and killed a woman near mount vernon yesterday as she sat in a car. somebody opened fire on her as she sat there and police say the person who pulled the trigger killed himself hours later. police say he was the victim's boyfriend and had recently jail. as police closed in on him, drove to his family's apartment in arlington and shot himself. civil rights icon dr. dorothy hite remains at howard university hospital this morning. her friends took her there last
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week saying she looked tired. still, a party to celebrate her 98th birthday went on yesterday at the national council of negro women where she has served more than 40 years as president. dr.hite is in serious but stable condition and has been sedated so she can rest. coming up next axe piece of living history passes at 105 years old. he'll may johnson vowed to travel to washington to see president obama's inauguration. she did it but that is not the only thing she was known for. also ahead, more help for haiti. president obama hoping to send more than $2 billion in aid to the earthquake-ravaged country. we'll be back. 
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president obama is asking congress for $2.8 bill wrong in emergency funding for the reconstruct effort in haiti. that request comes one week before a u.n. donor's conference in new york. haitian officials plan to ask
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for $11.5 billion in assistance. january's earthquake killed more than 230,000 people and left more than one million homeless. there is still no end to the deepest dispute if decades between the united states and israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu left washington after a two-day visit without a resolution. rift is over new housing planned in ast jerusalem. he had extended his stay to work on a deal with george mitchette scientist whom who medicine headlines when she attended president obama's inauguration has died. ella may johnson was 10 #-year- old old. -- was 106 years old. she was a social work and a dedicated champion of social justice. her book is set to be released next month. >> no matter what she did, living to be 105 --
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>> 106 years old. >> that is pretty extraordinary. coming up next, all the mess left behind by february's blizzard is starting to become a distant memory but local agencies may have help on the way. julie wright has a check on traffic and more when fox 5 news continues. >>
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we did have some really nice weather last weekend and pretty easy to forget what you have days like that that we had this mess just a couple of months ago. local agencies are still dealing with the bills from the blizzards and now d.c. is getting a little bit of extra help. president obama signed a disaster declaration for the district for the february storm. that means federal aid can be used to help pay for the massive recovery effort. >> lots of recovery efforts. it always sounds weird when we report that because it is like six to eight week after the event but it takes a while for
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that to get worked out. >> all of the snow should be out of here by now. >> i haven't seen any. the mound are gone. >> after last weekend's warm weather, i think that took care of it. >> no snow in the forecast. actually, i take that back. out in the mountains late tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, we could see the rain change over it a little period of snow. >> are you talking about like western maryland. >> some of our viewers in western maryland and in the mountains could see rain change to snow. lots of changes. this is that up and down time of year. let's get started to wuts stop forecast because i think the kids will be going to school for several more months. >> no, they've guilt a reprieve. >> no, when i i was a kid, we didn't get a reprieve. you need a jacket this morning. the clouds will fill in pretty quick during the course of the morning. the rain will hold off until
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the nighttime hours. 48 right now in washington. 44 for us in quantico. 9 in manassas. we have some 30s on the map. off to the east, annapolis is 49 closer to the water in leonardtown. the clouds will move in and we'll be looking at a good chance for some rain showers here during the nighttime tonight. you can see the kind of mix of some clearing and some clouds starting to move in from the south and west. the green your map, that is the rain showers that will move in in the form of a cold front which will start to arrive tonight and will stick around tomorrow. so up head of it, the wind later today will be out of the south gusting about 10 to 15 miles per hour. it will be kind of breezy out there at times. the rain gets in here tonight t will stick around if our morning commute tomorrow and then much cooler behind this. tomorrow afternoon, our temperatures will be falling into the 40s annual have winds out of the north, 10, 25, 20 miles per hour.
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it will feel like early march day tomorrow. today, no problems. 70degrees, increasing clouds. i mentioned the breezes out of the south at 10 to 15 but that temperature couldn't be better, 70 degrees. tonight, the rain showers arrive. not too bad overnight temperature-wise. winds out of the shift will be shifting out of the north at five miles per hour and look at the cooler air for tomorrow. 51 for a high. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll be in the 40s. right now, the weekend looks dry but cool with highs each day in the low to mid-50s here saturday, mid- to upper 50s sunday with more rain sunday night into monday. that kind of up and down pattern continues as we get towards the end of march. that is a quick look at the forecast. not such a quick look. let's get to julie wright. she has the latest on our traffic. >> right now, it is not so bad. we do have lanes open if you are traveling to and from the wilson bridge. and on the other side of town, at the american legion bridge, that is where we find the crew in sky fox. for those traveling between montgomery county and tyson's, you will find that all lanes are open coming across the american legion bridge. nice, eatsy ride on both sides of the commute. if you are traveling along the right side of your screen, i
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believe that to be the inner loop leaving tyson's around towards bethesda. no problems to report along that stretch. outer loop looks good headed back town today georgetown pike. we'll take it back inside and you will find lanes open on 29 leaving white oak headed out towards four corners. traveling northbound 395 in the hov lanes right here before you reach washington boulevard, a stalled car withhelp off the road to the shuler. a brief rubbernecking delay passing the scene. that is it. -- off the road to the shoulder. northbound i-95 traffic slows from potomac mills headed up to route one, newington to the ving field interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. business beat is up next. one of the p country's largest mortgage companies offers a deal to thousands of home owners that could cut what they owe by as much as 0%. soy the dreaded drafty hospital gown is getting a makeover in
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welcome back. one of the nation's biggest mortgage companies is offering help to some of its most troubled home owners. so will that set the stage for other mortgage companies to do the same thing. chris cotter with the fox business network is up in new york with our business beat today. chris, they are you can tag about forgiving something like 30% of the home owner's debt. so who would be ble it apply for this and do you think this is going to set the stage for other companies to do the same thing? >> i do. and wells fargo has already done it to some extent moving
6:25 am
forward. but bank of america has announced they are breaking into this realm of not only moted identifying mortgages of their customers that are in trouble on a -- modifying mortgages of their customers that are in trouble on a percentage basis and now they are going in and actually going to forgive principle. we are we have been waiting for ts serve toys begin. this is a big deal when bank of america decides to do it. it will affect about, they think, 45,0 of the customers. it is if you are two months back on payments and you owe more than 20% more than your home is worth. we know so many of these people are under water because of the value of the houses has dropped so much, then you could be eligible. what they mean by 0% is up to 30% of the value of your home could be forgiven but obviously, there will be some scale in there. and it is not necessarily a charity case from bank of america, gurvir. a case where they really are in trouble of having to write down billions of dollars on their balance sheet of
6:26 am
batted loans when peopl default. banks do not want people to default. it is the absolute worst thing that could happen. they want people to stay in their homes. bank of america says it will cost us money. we may have to write down as much as $3 billion as losses by forgiving some of this but it is so much better than the much more -- many more billions of dollars they would have to if these people defaulted on their loans. >> that's right. because these companies would be spending millions dollars in foreclosure money as well. >> right. >> we'll leave it there, chris. we'll see you tomorrow. we have breaking news that we've been following in the health care reform fight. find out what happened early this morning that is sending the debate back to the house. first, democrats are facing threats of violence for their support of the sweeping changes and sarah simmons has more on that. >> the health care debate is getting downright dangerous. some lawmakers say she have a even received threatening phone calls an e-mails. more on their experience coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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it is coming up on 6:30 now here at fox 5. 48degrees. >> yeah, very nice. hopefully a nice day today. >> temperature-wise, it will be great. highs near 07. that will be just perfect but the clouds are going to increase and we'll have rain later tonight. i don't think -- no umbrellas today but later tonight, we'll have them break it out. and tomorrow morning's commute will likely be on the wet side there are 30s off to the north and west this morning. probably a jacket here for the morning hours and then you can just enjoy the warm temperatures by later this afternoon. 4 # both at dulles and bwi marshall and yeah, kind of cool out there. let's talk whether or not it is going to rain. it is not going to rain today. i think it will be a mostly cloudy afternoon.
6:31 am
the rain should hold off until the evening commute is done with and then some showers overnight into the first part of our friday. much cooler behind it. tomorrow will be a cool affect with temperatures falling through the the 40s and some winds out of the north and west. so enjoy today while you can. increasing clouds, mild temperatures, 70 for an afternoon high. we'll get breezy with winds out of the south at 10 to 15 miles per hour. coming up in a couple minute, we'll do another edition of ask the weather guys and this is a question that has perplexed bakers for generations. >> yes, it has. >> all right. good. >> i want to say you and i differ in one aspect on the forecast. i think we might get some showers or sprinkles around rush hour. >> you think so? >> i do. >> we'll see what happens. >> tomorrow, we'll figure out which one was right. >> nothing like unified front. speaking of that, he is julie wright. >> what does that mean ache unified front and then you toss it to me. >> i'm actually not sure.
6:32 am
>> that makes two of us. we are a unified front. >> the cmute is lowing as you try to merge onto northbound 495. coming eastbound on 66, we do have delays leaving manassas at this point as you continue between the two 234 interchanges. traffic slows again 50 to 123. we have a slow ride as you make your way in for about the last mile to nutley street. no accidents to report. just some volume delays. we'll take it back inside and we'll update your ride elwhere. if you are traveling along the beltway here at old georgetown road, lane are open on the inner loop continuing around out of bethesda. outer loop looks good, no problems reported around the curve. new york avenue coming inbound this morning. just traffic light delays this morning. new york of a is a good way to go traveling through northeast washington. southbound ken ill worth avenue, we do ray brief delay. that's a check of your fox 5
6:33 am
on-time traffic. we have breaking news overnight from capitol hill. senate republicans would have been trying to derail health care reform can claim a small success on a technicality. this development comes as president obama is set to travel to iowa today to drum up public support for the reform law. the senate gop found two provisions in the reconciliation bilk considered that violate budget rules. the provisions concern pell grants for college students. they must be removed from the bill. that means it has to go back it the house it be voted on again before it can go to the president. now, senate republicans ve been introducing numerous amendments in an attempt to taught fix-it bill which contains many changes put in to vince house democrats to support the overall reform law. it is that controversial support that now has some members of congress threatened with violence. listen to this voice mail that was sent to congressman bart stupak of michigan whose last- minute decision was credited
6:34 am
with helping the bill pass. you are one big piece of human [bleep] and think about this. there are millions of people across the cotry who wish you ill. >> lawmaker are now being asked to report any disturbing calls or e-mails and democrats say the republicans hold some of of the blame for these attacks because of messages they sent to angry protesters. >> they want the gop to denounce this violence. sarah similar monday has more from capitol hill where some democrats will have extra security today. sarah? >> reporter: tony, that's right. ten lawmakers are actually going to have increased security because they say they have received a variety of threats via phone, voice mail, e-mail as well and they fear that this could get even worse when they return home for the easr recess. this past week, bikes brick have been thrown through office windows for some of the lawmars. congresswoman gabrielle gifford of arizona and congresswoman louise slaughter of new york are all reporting that.
6:35 am
the fbi is investigating but the incidents are believed to be tied to the passage of health care reform. >> i think it is a dreadful thing we are going through. the blog that we read was really quite devastating, basically, shape up or we're going to have a civil war. >> already a lot of angry americans over this health care bill. they are angry about the fact that the decembers here in washington aren't listening to them. but i've got to tell you that violence and threats are unacceptable. it is not the american way. >> reporter: now, some other reports of incidents that are coming out is a propane gas line that was cut at the home of the brother of congressman tom perielo of virginia. apparently the tea party activist has actually posted on- line his brother's address instead of his own. also, congressman bart stupak, a democrat from michigan, has
6:36 am
reported getting threatening voice mails as well. he was originally against the health care package and late are flipped and voted for it. in the meantime, capitol hill police say they are ask all lawmakers if they receive any kind of threats at all to please let them know as soon as possible. we're live here on capitol hill, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> virginia has laid the ground work if a bat we'll i federal government over this issue. >> yesterday, governor bob mcdonnell signed a law saying virginians do not have to buy health insurance. it is in direct defiance of one of the biggest change put in place by the health care reform law. >> virginia is also one of 14 states that is suinthe federal government over that new law. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell firing the first shot in a state's rights battle over a key part of the new federal health care law. the issue, can the federal government mandate citizens purchase health care. >> we have not been able to find any precedent based on a
6:37 am
commerce clause or anywhere else that the united states constitution authorizes the congress to mandate the purchase of a service. >> the new law signed by the governor says that virginians will not be subjected to the new federal mandate to defend their position, republican attorney general ken cuccinelli filed suit against the fedel government on tuesday. >> the traditional role, the veg is among other things to defend virginia's laws and to protect -- intorn to protect the constitution stiewks of the united states an virginia. >> but virginia democratic leads are who support president obama's new health care law filed a freedom of information act demanding to know how much money cuccinelli is spending on the lawsuit. >> they don't want him waisting taxpayer money on this frivolous lawsuit. >> delegate david england represents alexandria an has launched an on-line site opposes posing the tremg's asks. >> virginians work hard every day. they pay their taxes and he s using that money to undermine
6:38 am
their ability to benefit from this landmark legislation. >> reporter: but governor mcdonnell says, as come indicated as the health care debate has been to him the question is simple, who knows what is best for virginians, richmond or washington? >> we don't believe that the united states congress should mandate the purchase of a service on the citizens of virginia. it has never been done before. >> reporter: so far, 14 states have either filed or planned to file lawsuits against the if you federal health insurance reform law. attorney general ken cuccinelli says he will provide a full accounting of the money he is spending on these lawsuits starting with the $350 he spent on tuesday to file the paperwork in federal court. in richmond, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. coming up next, on the run for nearly 40 years, police finally catch a convicted murderer. how the victim's grandson helped track him down. coming up later, it is type of baby carrier that has
6:39 am
grown in popularity recently but now, one million baby slings have been recalled after three babies died in them. we'll let you know what to look out for. we'll be right back. spars
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6:42 am
u.s. and russian officials are making plans for a ceremony to sign an historic new nuclear arms treaty. the deal announced wednesday will likely cut the number of long-range missiles each country holds to about 1500. president obama and russian president could sign that accord in prague in about two weeks. tiger woods will speak before plays in the masters. woods will hold a press conference right before he begins the tournament on april 5th. it will be the first time he will take questions from reporters since reports of his numerous affairs broke. woods is the only golfer scheduled for an interview that day. the act "best known for his role on the popular 1960s tv show i spy has died. robert culp passed away yesterday after falling on a
6:43 am
sidewalk outside his home in hollywood. a preliminary investigation shows his death was accidental. co-star bill cosby says culps with lake a older brother to him. robert culp was 79 years old. he was also very funny on everybody loves raymond in the later years. this man disappeared without a trace after being paroled. >> now, after nearly four dick adds, a convicted murderer is back in -- decades, a con viaducted murderer is back behind bars p. frank twyman was picked up in arizona where he had been president-electing the cactus rose wedding chapel. >> we befriended him about five years ago and we've been personally taking care of him, feeding him, et cetera. >> back in 1955, he was found guilty in monta of killing a man, shooting him multiple times. he was sentenced to death but
6:44 am
eventually received a new sentence of life in prison. after being parolehe disappeared. >> this has come as a shock to all of us. and i'm very sad. >> a private investigators hired by the victim's grandson is credited with leading authorities to him. deputies were then able to identify him by among other things his tattooed knuckles, stomach and chest. investigators say it may tax a while to entangle how he got away with it all these years. >> there is a lot of complexities even as far as social security numbers are concerned, dates of birth, irs issues that are all associated when you take upon somebody el's identity. >> county officials say they don't know if he was actually personally performing weddings at the cactus rose chapel but according to legal experts, if he is an ordained minister under a different name, those marriages are considered legal. maybe they re trying to save time, maybe they thought they want get caught.
6:45 am
either way, it wasn't a smart move. two would-be bank robbers in connecticut actually called the bank ahead of time and told employees to get a bag of money ready for them. that gave the employees time to call the police. would-be robbers were arrested whether they showed up. i think that is one of the funniest stories i've heard in a while. >> we'll be there to rob the bank in about 20 minutes. can you get the money ready. >> and then they showed up. >> not always the brightest people. >> no, they're not. gee whiz. >> what's up, my friend? >sunny at late to start the day. we have mild temperatures in the 70s. 48 right now at reagan national. we are cool. probably need a jacket here for the morning hours. and then the temperatures should really start to jump later this afternoon. 45 for us in gaithersburg. look at the 30s. frederick, 37 at this hour.
6:46 am
39 in manassas. cool temperatures out there. no doubt about it. fredericksburg is 45. in leonardtown, we are waking up to 46. afternoon highs, upper 60s to about 07. the clouds will be on the increase and with the clouds being we'll see rain showers move in. i think the timing on the rain after rush hour tonight and that will linger into the morning hours tomorrow. there is a look at your morning satellite-radar. the clouds are starting to move in. there will somebody periods of sunshine, particularly during the morning hours but the clouds are going to win out and then eventually, as i mentioned, the showers will move in. this is kind of a complicated weather pattern but what will be happening is a cold front will come moving through tonight and we'll watch an area of low pressure ride right along that. that is why we'll get the enhanced rain later tonight into the first half tomorrow. nice breezes out of the south today so it will be mild. here comes that front. can you see the computer similar playstation brings that rain in here later tonight an during the first half of tomorrow. i mentioned earlier it is possible it could change it a brief period of snow well off to the north and west of
6:47 am
washington tomorrow during the morning hours a even around here, it will feel cold by tomorrow afternoon and with temperature in the 40s and some winds out of the north and west to about 0 miles per hour. it will feel more like early march than late march by tomorrow afternoon. today, no problems. it will feel like spring. wind will pick up out of the south at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. there is your five-day forecast. the rain will be out here by tomorrow afternoon. and a little sunshine, late tomorrow. but cool. look at our overfight low into saturday morning. 4 in town we'll have freezing temperatures off to the north and west. if you have tender vegetation, you probably want to bring it if no saturday morning and the reverend right now looks dry but cool with high temperatures in the mid-50s and more rain returning by sunday night and monday. >> okay. >> you know what time it is? it is time for ask the weather guys. thank you very much. tony and i put our tremendous heads together to we are your
6:48 am
most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's ution is from dustin in maryland and he want to know -- this is a good question. why does a cake go flat when you slam the door. >> don't slam the darned door. >> he is asking why it happens. >> i want to start with -- tony abandoned me on this question earlier this morning. i'm going to do the best i can with it. >> i had other things i had to do. >> it appears to be a wives tale. never slam the often door. cakes willail to rise no more. i did as much research as i could on this. i could find no scientific explanation why a cake will fall in you slam the door. i mean i can think of some reasons why it is possible but there is no discerning factor. >> you had a theory earlier that i think -- >> well, when a lud sound will cause sound waves to push out. an oven door is so close, not only is it possible you're moving the oven slightly and i
6:49 am
know cakes are very sensitive when they're trying to rise but this that would be be a subtle change in air pressure when you slam the door. >> i think that is just as good an explanation as anything. >> just in case that is not the reason, i did a lot of research and want to give you other reasons why your cake could be alling. that could include temperature. apparently, ovens arc i lot of people's ovens don't do a great job disper percenting the temperature. ingredients, you have some funny ingredients in that cake, it won't rise correctly. and hang on. mixing. if you overbeat it, or if you underbeat it, the air bubbles get in there. that causes it not to rise properly. >> that is true. >> according to the places that i have a been, if it fails to rise properly, what can you do is you can throw some frosting on it and call it a volcano cake for the kids. >> i have a suggestion. my friend brian noy he s owns red struck bakery in warrentonment we could call him up. >> i'm sure there are a lot of
6:50 am
people. >> i hear it. i don't know that i have a ever seen it. i have aseen people -- they slam a door and a souffle will fall. but do you bake? >> no, i don't. my friend brian is a baker gentleman have you to think a lot of bakeries, there is a lot of noise. i think there is something to it but it is probably not well understood. >> can i give him a call during a commercial break. >> you can call whenever you want. >> i will. >> i think you day fine job. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab and we'll do the best we can on answer your question or you can upload your question to where. >> the web site as well. >> oh, yeah, and we'll show you asking us a question. >> very cool. >> that would be fun. >> i was trying to figure out the park, mcarthur park, someone left the cake out in the rain. thank you being tucker. >> julie wright now. maybe julie knows. you're in the a good cook from
6:51 am
what i understand is that right? >> i don't cook. my mama cooks. >> has she ever had a cake fall? >> i don't think so. she will say today is not a good dato cook because of the temperature. we just get yelled at for sticking our finger in the cake batter. always got in trouble for that. on the road, lane are open with no accidents to report if you are traveling 395 northbound coming across the 1th street bridge. no accidents to report, just volume delays to accompany. if you are traveling inbound this morning leaving industry antitowards the beltway, you will find that the lane are open as you continue eastbound toward nutley street an over towards 495. no incidents to report right new on the beltway traveling through tyson's area and you will find lanes are open on the inner loop leaving braddock road headed up towards the dulles toll road. as you travel from university boulevard ntinuing around
6:52 am
towards georgia avenue. no accidents to report southbound along 29 as you travel out of the white oak and 29 is still good to go leaving laurel headed down towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. this morning, a lot of parents are taking a second look at how they move their babies around. this comes after a massive recall of baby slings. the consumer product safety commission says children have suffocated in these slings. melanie alnwick has this consumer alert. >> reporter: for centuries, busy parents have carried hair babies in slings and the practice has regained popularity today. >> i feel like the baby is always right with me which i think makes her happier and make my life easier. >> reporter: now, dozens of companies make baby slings and carriers. two of them, say the consumer product safety commission, have a serious defect. >> with the infantino sling and the wendy belissim movement sling, they cannot be used safely. >> reporter: in 2009, three
6:53 am
infants died in the infantino bag sling style baby carriers. >> we want parents to know if you have a child under four months of age and you have one of these slings, don't use it again. >> reporter: cpsc says the design can cause suffocation. >> the infant is very deep in this sling. as you can see, when you are wearing it, the fabric can close over that child. there is enough problem with this bag's design. it is very curved. it is almost c shaped that puts the baby into a very dangerous chin to chest position. and this kinks their airway and makes it so that they can't breathe. >> reporter: rogerson, a baby wearing educator says there is safe ways to wear slings. >> your baby should be up nice and tight. >> reporter: she is concerned with so mny products entering the market, there are no safety standards that would have kept the infantino design off the shelves. >> in the baby wearing community, ave been kind of complaining about them for a while and asking would somebody
6:54 am
pay attention to this design. >> we are working towards a mandatory standard for slings and in the meantime, we are working with a voluntary standard setting group to get a voluntary standard into place. >> so that babies like tegan can rest safe and sound. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> infantino wants customers to clip off part of the strap so the sling is destroyed an send the entire thing back to him. the company is offering a free replacement baby career or other items in exchange. if you need more information, go to and click on web links. staying healthy later in life continue to get more expensive. fidelity investments estimates a couple retiring this year will need $250,000 to cover health care costs in retirement. that is up 4.2% from last year. the estimate factors in premiums, co-pays, deductibles and prescriptions.
6:55 am
>> we like it think the fox 5 morning news is the greatest show on earth. >> but there can be only one and that title goes to ringling brothers and ban up and bailey circus. it is in town. it fee tears fun new twist this time around. holly is live in fair, with a preview. -- in fairfax with a preview. for the worst allergies,
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>> reporter: ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages --no, it's no ring master. it's just me, holly morris. but i am live at the patriot center where tonight the 139th edition of ringles brothers barnum and bailey circus is opening. and there is no ring master. but there is a zing master.
6:59 am
because zing dang zoom is opening. and we have some acts to get a sneak peek at. there is for the first time a female annual behaviorallist. she'll join us with one of her pachyderms. and we'll see some dogs do neat tricks and give you the information you need to know to come out and be a part of this sensational circus where family fun is no illusion. >> it's always a fun time. and i like the title zing master. thank you. and now let's send it to allison and gurvir, ladies. coming up, breaking news about health care reform. >> the senate is now bringing the debate back to the house. >> as members of congress face violent threats in the wake of the reform. and more


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